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Will Insurance Cover Water Emergencies? Only an experienced restoration company should restore your property to ensure coverage.  A company who  documents every detail before and after the restoration project will save you $5000-$50,000 dollars in coverage. In some cases, the savings is even greater!   

Imagine This Devastation…

You walk into your kitchen one morning, half asleep. As you reach for the coffee, you feel water through your socks. That means the kitchen floor is damp, and you notice more water is coming from the wall.

So, you call the first restoration company that pops up in your Google search.

The technician arrives…eventually. He notices there is water slowly leaking from the exterior spigot located on the kitchen wall. He suggests the cause of the water damage is a slow leak in the exterior spigot. This type of slow leak is not covered by standard homeowner’s insurance policies. Later, an insurance adjustor inspects the damage. The adjustor agrees with the restoration technician. This decision leaves the entire cost of repair on your family. In your case, it will be thousands of dollars worth of repairs!

As a result, you are in shock, but you decide not to give up. You search Google again, but you decide to read the customer reviews before placing your call. The reviews for Independent Restoration Services are terrific! So, you call IRS.

Certainly, the owner of IRS arrives within one hour. He inspects all areas affected by the water, and gets to work. He discovers the leak is not from the spigot. The leak is actually from a burst pipe in the wall. The water is coming from the supply line to the spigot. This type of leak is definitely covered by insurance. 

Next, he documents every detail and makes a call to your insurance company. He strongly requests the damage be covered. After some deliberating and more than one call from IRS, your insurance company agrees! You are on your way to a restored home without a dime from your own pocket!

So, Will Insurance Cover Water Emergencies? Not always!

Of course, this is a shocking experience, but it is true for one of our recent customers. Thankfully, they listened to their gut and reached out for a second opinion. This family saved  thousands of dollars in repair costs!

Because of situations like these, Independent Restoration Services is serious when we say that we are built on service. We not only know the fine print of insurance policies; we are committed to battling with the insurance company on your behalf when necessary. Our detailed documentation includes photos and descriptions of your disaster. If your situation is eligible, we will make sure you are covered. IRS exists to serve. We value every home and family in our community!

Certainly, Independent Restoration Services is here for you if you find yourself in a disastrous water, fire, or mold situation. Our owner answers every call 24/7 and responds in person immediately!

Additionally, IRS offers free biannual inspections! As mentioned above, the damage caused by a slow leak is rarely covered by insurance. We inspect every area of your home for hidden leaks.

Finally, follow our Facebook page for updates on insurance coverage, services, damage prevention tips, and giveaways.

Call today to schedule your free inspection!

(Disclaimer: Check with your insurance agent regularly to stay informed on your policy and changes your insurance company might make. Coverage varies for each policy and insurance company.)

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