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Springtime Sealing

Spring is approaching! Have you checked your attic and crawl space since the last storm in your area? It’s a great time to inspect these spaces and do some Springtime sealing! Most homes in the US are not properly sealed or insulated.

Let’s talk about the benefits of sealing your attic space. Sealing and insulating your attic will save energy, translating into savings on your utility bills, sometimes as much as 15 percent! Stopping major leaks will help you maintain the temperature throughout your home and prevent your HVAC from working too hard. 

Sealing your attic space can also help with noise pollution and prevent pollen, dust and pesky insects from coming in, as well as increase the air quality of your home.This can greatly benefit those who suffer from outdoor allergies.  It can allow for better humidity control, which is always important in the fight against mold! In the colder months, it can lessen the likelihood of ice dams on the roof and eves of your home. Ice dams trap melting snow on the roof and can cause water damage to your roof, attic and walls if left undetected.

Sealing your crawl space is equally beneficial to sealing your attic space. Making sure that you have sealed major cracks, holes and repairing any damage can benefit your home in many ways. Sealing the crawl space properly can make the space less appealing to pests and it can keep it drier, preventing that musty smell and the likelihood of mold growth. It can also help control the temperature of your home, keep your hardwoods in better condition and save you money on energy bills. 

It’s important to inspect your attic and crawl space for any signs of water damage or mold and make those necessary repairs. As always, we can help with any water damage or mold remediation and we are always here for you to answer any questions! 

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