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Freezing pipes doesn’t always mean a huge break and gush of flooding water. Sometimes, small cracks can occur in our pipes and cause a slow hidden leak. Undetected, these sneaky leaks can lead to much bigger issues over time, like mold growing in home. This is why it’s important to self inspect for hidden leaks in your home. Below you will see signs of leaks that could be hiding in various places.

  • Monitor your water bill. Your water usage should remain relatively the same month to month. So, if you have a higher bill than normal this can indicate some sort of leak. You can call your water company and have them pull a detailed report showing when high amounts of water were used. This will give you an idea of what you are dealing with.
  • You can’t always tell from the water bill if there is a leak, especially if it is a slow one. Another way to test for a leak is to watch the water meter. Turn off all the water in the house and all water consuming appliances. Then, go see if the meter changes at all. If you still see no movement, wait a couple of hours and then go back to see if the meter has moved at all. If it has, this will indicate a slow leak somewhere.
  • Inspect in closets, on ceilings and walls for any yellow or brown discoloration, bubbling of paint or bulging wallpaper.
brown and bubbly ceiling around lights showing water damage in the ceiling - water restoration services - Independent Restoration Services - West Tennessee
water damage wood floor or wall - water damage restoration -Independent Restoration Services - West Tennessee
bubbling paint on ceiling with water drips coming out - water damage in the ceiling - water damage restoration - Independent Restoration Services - West Tennessee
  • Check under cabinets for any moisture, bulging wood or a musty smell.
  • Sometimes leaks are silent, but sometimes if you listen closely, you can hear a dripping or humming noise through the walls or floors.
  • Testing your water pressure can also be a good indicator of a leak. If your pressure is feeling low, that can be a sign of a leak.

It’s a good idea to do an inspection of your home after freezing temperatures, just to be sure that if there is a leak, it doesn’t go undetected and lead to a mold problem. As always,  IRS is here for you if you have water damage or mold issues. Call us anytime of the day!

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